Maintaining a clean and properly functioning sand / glass filter is crucial for the optimal performance of your pool. Regularly backwashing your sand/glass filter helps remove debris, dirt, and impurities from the filtration system. In this expert guide, we will take you through a step-by-step process on how to effectively backwash your sand / glass filter. Follow these instructions to ensure your pool remains clean and clear throughout the swimming season.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Check Water Level: Before starting the backwashing process, ensure that the water level in your pool is at the recommended level. You always need water entering your skimmer box to push water through the pump. It’s important to maintain the appropriate water level, so your pump does run dry
  2. Turn off Your Pump: Always remember to turn off your pool pump before attempting to manipulate the filter. Safety should be your top priority throughout the backwashing process.
  3. Adjust the Filter Handle to Backwash: Pump is off, now locate the handle on top of your sand / glass filter and push down and turn it to the “Backwash” position. This setting will redirect water flow through the filter in reverse, flushing out accumulated debris into the water and out the backwash line.
  4. Turn on Your Pump: Once the handle is set to “Backwash,” you can turn on your pump. Allow the pump to run and check the Sight glass on the side of the filter head, Initially, the water may appear milky brown or green, indicating the sand / glass is being backwashed and cleaned. Run for approximately 1 to 2 minutes or until the water passing through the sight glass appears clear.sand glass filter sight glass
  5. Turn off Your Pump: Once the water in the sight glass runs clear, turn off the pump to prepare for the rinse cycle.
  6. Switch the Filter Handle to Rinse: Move the handle on the sand / glass filter to the “Rinse” position. This setting ensures that any remaining debris in the pipe is flushed out and prevents it from returning to the pool. After setting the handle to “Rinse,” turn on the pump for at least 30 seconds. This short rinse cycle clears the remaining debris and prepares the filter for normal operation.
  7. Turn off the Pump: Once the rinse cycle is complete, turn off the pump to proceed to the final step.
  8. Set the Filter Handle to Filter: Now, move the filter handle back to the “Filter” position. This restores the normal filtration mode, allowing the water to pass through the sand and remove impurities effectively.Sand glass filter  show selected to filter
  9. Turn on Your Pump: Finally, turn on the pool pump, and your sand / glass filter is now clean and ready for regular operation. Monitor the pressure gauge reading to determine when the next backwash is required.

Additional Tips:

  • After Backwash, your sand /glass filter should be cleaner and therefore work under less pressure. Keep an eye on the pressure gauge reading. Before and After.
  • When the pressure increases by approximately 30kpa (kilopascals) from the normal reading or gets near the RED, it indicates the need for another backwash.
  • If you need to drain excess water from your pool and your filter is not due for a backwash, use the “WASTE” function to bypass the filter and directly drain the water.
  • sand or glass filter set to waste

Regularly backwashing your sand / glass filter is essential for maintaining clean and healthy pool water. By following this expert guide, you can ensure that your sand / glass filter functions optimally, providing you with crystal-clear water for an enjoyable swimming experience. Remember to prioritize safety, turn off the pump before handling the filter, and monitor the pressure gauge to determine the appropriate time for the next backwash.