Natural ozone purification and Dead Sea minerals in your own pool

Maytronics Mineral Swim

Mineral Purification System

Strong chlorine smells, red stinging eyes and tight, dry skin are a thing of the past! Adding natural ozone purification and Dead Sea minerals to your swimming pool has proven benefits. Mineral pools can help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after each swim! A mineral pool recreates the relaxing, healthy magnesium mineral water experience that people have enjoyed at the Dead Sea for thousands of years.

To produce crystal clear, healthy, and therapeutic swimming pool water, the Mineral Swim™ Purification System blends 100% Dead Sea magnesium-rich minerals with natural ozone-to-oxygen water purification technologies.

Zodiac MagnaPool System

An innovative magnesium mineral pool system, MagnaPool® creates a luxurious and soothing bathing experience with a patented mineral blend.

The Zodiac Hydroxinator® iQ from Zodiac features iAquaLink control and further upgrades including pH and ORP management, combines advanced technology with beautiful design for the ultimate in mineral pool water management.

The Zodiac MagnaPool System has been recognised under SPASA Australia’s Climate Care Certified program.

Zodiac MagnaPool Products